MARA Mentoring

6 Feb 2020


In 2019, MENDAKI Club launched a pilot mentoring programme that aimed to connect early career professionals to Malay/Muslim undergraduates. The programme has conducted monthly events to facilitate fruitful conversations, deep introspection and lasting bonds within pairs and within the Circle, especially targeting 3 key career sectors (Business, Technology and Government).

This year, still aiming to mara ke arah kejayaan, or move forward towards success, the mentoring programme is now freshly branded as MARA Mentoring. It seeks to aid the personal growth and career path of the young undergraduates, aiming to accelerate the career and personal progression of high-potential Malay-Muslim undergraduates, by providing a dedicated community of successful early career professionals to connect with.

Our first batch of mentors and mentees

In the coming months, MARA Mentoring has planned a series of workshops with the 34 mentees and 24 mentors who will be taking part. Based on feedback from last year’s mentoring programme, MARA Mentoring will be mixing in both shared experiences while also giving more personal time for mentors to initiate discussions, conversations and sharing.


The programme seeks to organise shared development between groups of mentors and mentees, while also tweaking and adapting event structures to COVID-19 guidelines as and when there are new developments.


Both mentees and mentors alike are looking forward to kicking off the programme on a good note despite the restrictions, and adapting quickly to the demands of the situation.