Advisor’s Message 2020

If we can glean any lessons from the COVID-19 outbreak, it is that only a united people can provide an effective and transformational response. Which is why we need to mobilise the entire community. Many hands need to come together – government, healthcare professionals, businesses, community organisations and of course, individuals – to ensure the best shot at success.


It is this strong spirit of working together that underpins our success as a community. Over the last year, the M3 collaboration has mobilised resources across MENDAKI, MUIS and MESRA to support the common goal of uplifting our community, especially the most vulnerable amongst us. I would like to thank MENDAKI Club (MClub) for being a key partner and contributor to this community movement, with many young professionals stepping forward to contribute through volunteering and delivering impactful programmes for our youths.


One of the priorities of M3 is to empower youths, so that they grow into successful and contributing members of our community and society. We can do that by building a culture of mentoring in our community, so that every youth who can benefit from a committed mentor, has access to one. Mentors play an important role in broadening our youth’s perspectives, and providing the guidance, in order to pursue their aspirations and maximise their potential in all stages of their lives – as students, young professionals and future leaders of our community.


I am glad to see that many MClub programmes have started incorporating elements of mentoring. Youths are able to interact with, and benefit from the guidance of their more experienced seniors, through programmes such as the Young MENDAKI Club’s Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) and Career Workshop series, as well as the pilot run of the Mentoring Circle. It is heartening is to see returning MClub members now serving as mentors to their younger peers.


I also encourage you to continue expanding your network of partners. Programmes such as Leadership Incubator (LI), Muslim Healthcare Outreach Programme (MHOP) and re:work have collaborated with community partners like the Red Cross, these(abilities), Muslim Healthcare Professionals Association, The Codette Project and Tertiary Career Connection. Broadening partnerships is a good way of extending your reach and spreading a culture of mentoring. I hope to see these programmes scale up next year, with mentoring opportunities available across various age groups.


As the 10th executive committee (ExCo) prepares to assume leadership of MClub, I would like to express my gratitude to the members of the 9th ExCo for their dedicated service to the community. I look forward to seeing the new team in action, and challenge them to make this year, MClub’s 20th year, a memorable and impactful one.

Masagos Zulkifli

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources

Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs

Chairman, Yayasan MENDAKI

Advisor, MENDAKI Club