Young Mendaki Club

19 Jan 2019

Canberra Secondary School

“Taking the First Step into Career Exploration” is the first workshop in the YMC Career Workshop Series, which aims to guide secondary school students into the world of career exploration through a series of immersive and hands-on workshops.


For this series, MClub partnered MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (MTS) to widen our reach to the broadest base of students. In total, over 100 Malay/Muslim students and 30 young professionals participated in the series of Career Guidance workshops.


For this launch workshop, participants engaged in games that helped them connect their individual strengths and aspirations, and identify career types that were suitable for them. 


Through a Human Library exercise, they were also able to engage with 12 young professionals from fields as wide as music and engineering, to architecture and theatre. 


At the end, they were provided several tools to guide their career explorations, turning aspirations and interests into concrete actions that they can take in their educational and ultimately career choices.