Young Professionals

19 Oct 2019

NUS Moot Court

Over 40 Malay/Muslim post-secondary students had a taste of what it was like to be a lawyer for a day in this immersive career workshop.


Organised by our Legal Chapter, the workshop introduced pre-university youths to the legal landscape in Singapore. It was the second such workshop we organised, with the first edition in June geared towards secondary school students.


The workshop provided participants with an immersive look into the legal profession through activities such as a cross-examination demonstration. Participants had the opportunity to debate in a simulated courtroom to practise basic advocacy skills and legal principles in this hands-on exercise. At the end of the day, they were given the chance to pose questions to a panel of practising lawyers and law graduates from different backgrounds.


As the workshop was facilitated by a group of law undergraduates and practising lawyers, participants were exposed to the various educational tracks that lead to a legal career as well as the career prospects of obtaining a law degree.