Young Minds' Club

15 Dec 2018

NUS, Young Loo Lin School of Medicine

Our final workshop in this year’s Career Series introduced youths to the various healthcare professions. YMC collaborated with Muslim Healthcare Professionals Association (MHPA) to share with the Young Minds the rich career options that the healthcare industry have to offer.

In a very innovative setting of a simulated zombie apocalypse, they learned basic healthcare skills and scientific principles and put them to practice at the various station challenges. They carried out CPR, basic first aid skills, prescribed the right medicine to patients, and analysed X-ray scans. At the event, we had 4 Muslim healthcare professionals – a dentist, a doctor, a nurse, and a physiotherapist – join us for the day to inspire the youths and advise them on this career path.

Isa Hanzalah’s resolve to care for his aging family members drove him to take part in YMC’s Healthcare Workshop.

The activities have exposed me to a broad range of career options in the healthcare industry. It gives me more confidence in making decisions in the future.”

Isa Hanzalah

The story of another fellow Young Mind, Fathima, also reminds us of the importance of exposure to such opportunities in helping youths to achieve their aspirations.
A physiotherapist has helped me in my recovery (from pneumonia). Because of that, I want to become a physiotherapist.”