Young Mendaki Club

16 Feb 2019

National Design Centre

This was the second workshop in our YMC Career Workshop series. 


40 secondary school students were given a crash-course in the STEM fields (that is: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), led by industry professionals. Through this hands-on workshop, they learned about the “Makers Movements” made up of those who tinker creatively with tech, explored various applications for disruptive technologies such as 3D printing, drones and bots, and found out about possible career paths to work with such technologies.  


During the workshop, participants tried their hand at  production using 3D printing technology, wrote code that allowed drones to fly without human guidance, and worked on installing parts of a vehicle.


In addition, two professionals in the field of technology also shared about the educational pathways in the field and the experience of working in a fast-evolving tech landscape.


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