Young Professionals

28 Jul 2018

Jamiyah Halfway House Darul Islah

Participants went through an empathy building process by engaging residents in the House. Participants then participated in a frank and open dialogue with community volunteers and Senior Parliamentary Secretary (Home Affairs and Health) Amrin Amin on the challenges faced by the community.

Dialogue session Topic – Challenges faced by the MalayMuslim community & Youths have the potential to make a positive difference to society and to their generation. (Panellist left to right) Mr Mohd Shariff Mohd Yatim, Head of Home, Darul Islah. Ms Fathiah Najwa, MClub Sub-Committee. Dr. Isa Hassan, Chairman of Darul Islah. Mr Amrin Amin, SPS Ministry of Home Affairs & Misnistry of Health, Advisor for MENDAKI Club. Mr Jerome Mah Tien Pen, Managing of Spice SPICE VILLAGE FOOD PTE LTD [Family Food Business, Employer & ex-resident of JHH]