Young Professionals

2-3 Jun 2018

Muhajirin Mosque

Tackling climate change one hack at a time

MTC 2018 EDM

Already in its fourth year, this year’s Mosque Tech Challenge (MTC) brought together 17 youths in 5 teams to tackle the existential challenge of climate change through ICT-enabled solutions. In just 28 hours, the prototypes created by the participants demonstrated a quality that surpassed those produced in past runs.

We also added a “Makerthon” to MTC’s slate of offerings. Aimed at primary school students, it challenges participants to construct a solar-powered device, such as an electric fan or a toy plane. Over a 2-hour programme, they were taught sustainability-oriented concepts such as renewable energy and how solar-powered devices can reduce our carbon footprint which is a key driver of climate change.

Makerthon kids participants
Iftar with MTC participants
Wining Team of MTC - Team SCRAP

The judges were impressed by how individual teams identified and addressed critical problems in novel ways. The winning team came up with an e-commerce platform, ‘SCRAP’, which allows users to post items they want to discard for others to purchase for a small fee. The intent was to discourage thoughtless consumption and encourage the repurposing of goods, extending the lifecycle of a product. SCRAP aims to foster fundamental concepts of reusing and recycling to build a zero-waste mindset and slow the progress of climate change.

The runner up conceptualised a product for impact investing, through a platform called ’Gold Igloo’. Gold Igloo sought to connect users who wanted access to Syariah-compliant investments that were also ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)-compliant—a double win for the socially-conscious investor. MTC’s second runner up pitched a social media channel entitled ‘Virality’, aimed at championing social awareness for climate change activities or campaigns.

The teams in the hackathon produced truly inspired work. We hope the teams will continue prototyping and refining their products and turn their ideas into reality.

The organisers of MTC would also like to thank the various event organisers and sponsors—MUIS, SP Digital, 12 geeks, Masjid Muhajirin, SMCCI, Mendaki Club as well as all of the volunteers who spent the entire weekend facilitating MTC’s fourth consecutive 24hr hackathon—for making this event a successful one.

Mosque Tech Challenge 2018 Teams

Keep On Hacking!