Young Professionals

18-19 May 2019

An-Nur Mosque

The inaugural Mosque Tech Challenge (MTC) organised by MENDAKI Club was held on July 2015. The 24-hour ‘hackathon’ event aims to impart the spirit of innovation by connecting youth with community issues through technology.


Participants of the Challenge will work on tasks to develop prototype applications that may enhance a mosque-goer’s experience. Participants will try to solve current challenges facing the community currently through technology and prototyping.


MTC is part of MClub’s support for sector-based career communities under the CareerConnections banner. Rolled out in 2018, there are current 4 Career Connections chapters, namely Technology, Healthcare, Engineering and Legal. These chapters connect youth with an interest in a profession and provide avenues to develop those interests and use their skills to give back to the community.


For the 5th year run, 2019 challenge topic focused on Health, from food to medicine and architecture. MP Rahayu Mahzam has graced the event held at An-Nur Mosque held on 18th – 19th May 2020. With“Healthy Living” as the theme, the youths were able to build innnovative solutions to tackle problems such as urban farming, fitness, food guides, health wearable, diabetic app and mental health issues. Participants were able to hack with technology tools as a solution to a problem statement defined by them. The winning idea for MTC 2019 was a device to gamify a simple caloric exercise where the team had developed a hardware system, called DigitalPlayground to encourage participants to exercise, where they won prize money to further develop their ideas.