Young Mendaki Club

23 Feb 2019

ERC Holdings

The beginning of the YMC Mentoring Project, which saw YMC members trained in befriending skills and placed into teams with other youths from lower socio-economic backgrounds. It also marked the start of our collaboration with Singapore Children’s Society (SCS), whose youth members were partnered with ours.


While YMC programmes get our students to aim (and work!) for the stars, an equally-important mission of MClub is to ensure our youths stay grounded to the issues and realities of the community. 


This programme provided the opportunity for our YMC members to give back by providing their SCS counterparts with a quality support structure to deal with life’s challenges. During this art therapy workshop, students explored archetype cards where they reflected on personality archetypes and shared poems within their group.


This programme also helped foster and strengthen collaborative ties between MENDAKI Club, other Malay/Muslim Organisations (MMOs) and Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) in serving various underserved groups of our community.