Young Mendaki Club

7 - 14 Dec 2019

Hanoi & Sapa, Vietnam

YMC Overseas Community Involvement Project (OCIP) visited Hanoi and Sapa, a return after MClub’s last visit during OCIP 2017. 


OCIP is our bi-annual programme for youths aged 15 to 21 years to develop skills in identifying needs and delivering programmes to benefit underserved communities in Asia. It also trains our youths to operate successfully in a socio-economic environment, culture and community very unlike our own, contributing to the national priority of developing ASEAN-ready youths.

YMC OCIP 2019:

Crossing Cultures, Serving Beyond Borders

In OCIP 2017, the team visited and served the needs of Ta Van, a village in Lao Cai, Sapa. To sustain our community service efforts, the participants revisited Ta Van again for OCIP 2019.


OCIP 2019 provided a platform for our youths to demonstrate their leadership skills on a large project with 30 individuals involved. There were mentored by 10 adult facilitators, all of whom had prior experience in local and overseas community projects.

Programme Objectives
  • Engage the Heads, Hands & Heart of our MENDAKI Club members through experiential learning
  • Provide a service and leadership platform for MENDAKI Club members
  • Understand and appreciate regional cultures
  • Provide continuity to the community involvement project done in 2017.
OCIP 2019 Programme Components

There are 2 key components to OCIP 2019:

  • OCIP 2019 Planning Sessions
  • OCIP 2019 Overseas Trip
YMC OCIP 2019:

Planning Sessions

Participants completed 8 Saturdays of pre-trip events from 12 October to 23 November 2019. These included 5 planning sessions, 1 trekking session and 1 Parents Meet-Up to prepare them for the trip to Ta Van village in Sapa, Vietnam.


The planning sessions allowed the youths to conceptualize and execute trial runs of the engagement sessions meant for the local students in Ta Van, while the trekking session exposed them to the potential terrain of the mountainous Sapa region. These sessions ensured that our participants and facilitators had the right skills and mindset before embarking on our expedition.

YMC OCIP 2019:

Overseas Trip

The planning sessions culminated in a 8D7N trip to Ta Van village, Sapa, where participants connected with and supported the students of Ta Van School through regular engagement sessions. They were also encouraged to consolidate their learning during the course of the planning sessions and thereby, adapt and improve their engagement activities to meet the needs of the students.


To ensure the sustainability of the OCIP’s learning objectives, the team will also be engaged in post OCIP programmes that will see them apply their newly-acquired planning and engagement skills to serve beneficiaries in Singapore.