1. Thank you for volunteering your services with MENDAKI Club (MClub). MClub is a registered society affiliated with Yayasan MENDAKI. MClub is a community of Malay/Muslim young professionals and students who are engaged in affairs concerning the community, Singapore and the world. We engage in strategic youth development initiatives and participate actively in discussions on current developments in the local and global arena. We also strive to build bridges within the Malay/Muslim community, and between our community and other communities, to promote mutual understanding and cooperation.
  2. MClub is a society that respects privacy. In the Getting Involved form, we have requested for your personal information.
  3. Your personal information may be collected, used or disclosed for the following purposes:
    (a)       evaluating your application;
    (b)       verifying background information;
    (c)       general administration in channeling you to the various volunteering opportunities as well as our programmes and services;
    (d)       monitoring of performance and compliance with terms of our services;
    (e)       analysis of volunteering trends as well as for research objectives (e.g. analyzing profile of our volunteers);
    (f)        reviewing our volunteer policies as well as those of our programmes and services; and
    (g)       any other purpose reasonable in connection with the above.
  4. We may disclose your personal information to our related entities and affiliates (e.g. Yayasan MENDAKI, MENDAKI SENSE Pte Ltd), external partners (e.g. organizations who approach us with volunteering opportunities) or other third party service providers for the purposes stated above. We will require these related entities, affiliates, external partners and third party service providers to assure us that they will act in compliance with their personal data obligations and keep your personal information confidential.
  5. Do let us know if there are changes to the personal information which you have provided so that we can update our records accordingly.
  6. We will adopt appropriate security safeguards and measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or other risks.
  7. The terms of this notice shall be in addition to all other terms of the service that may be applicable to you. You may also find more information about MClub’s personal data protection policy at
  8. In the course of your volunteer work with MClub, you may be given access to personal information of other individuals or collect, use or disclose personal information of other individuals on behalf of MClub. Such personal information may also include photographs and video recordings from which individuals can be identified. As your actions as a volunteer may have an impact on MClub, you undertake to:
    a) Treat all such personal information as confidential and not to collect, use or disclose such personal information without the express consent or instruction of MClub;
    b) Take all steps necessary to ensure that such personal information is protected against loss and unauthorized access, collection, use, copying, disclosure or any such similar risks;
    c) Not disclose any such personal information to any third party (including family and friends), and to inform MClub immediately should you have made such disclosure or be requested by a third party to make such disclosure;
    d) Follow all instructions from MClub on the handling of such personal information, and to check with MClub if you are unsure at any time; and
    e) Return all such personal information and all copies thereof to MClub, and cease to retain any such personal information, once the volunteering activity ends or when you cease to become a volunteer of MClub.