Professional Outreach

Professional Outreach

Encompassing three distinct programmes: Mentoring, Leadership Incubator, and Conversations, Professional Outreach provides young professionals with opportunities to engage in various professional development activities. Started in 2007, these initiatives allow them to connect and engage with industry influencers in support of their personal and professional development. With our resources, these young professionals will be able to better ready themselves for future career undertakings.



MClub LI logo v2Leadership Incubator

The Leadership Incubator Programme, brings together individuals from the Malay/Muslim community, drawing on a mix of different backgrounds and working professions that allows for a dynamic learning experience. Participants go through an 10-month incubation programme consisting of seminars, workshops, interaction with various organisations and monthly check-ins. Forming groups of three to four members, they are then assigned to work at an organisation to formulate a communitybased programme that can potentially be implemented by the organisation at a larger scale.









Our regular platform of engagement is the MClub Conversations series where for young professionals are invited to engage a noted speaker on a broad range of issues. About 20-30 participants attend each Conversation session to allow for a more frank and open discussion.






MClub MentoringMClub Mentoring

MClub Mentoring aims to provide a platform for enhanced one-on-one professional career coaching for young aspiring Malay/Muslim. It brings together like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds who are keen to share their expertise and experiences, to enable our young to gain invaluable insight and advice in their careers of choice.