The Young Mendaki Club (YMC) is the youngest wing among MClub’s efforts. The YMC programmes are catered for the Malay/Muslim secondary school students, and centre on events to nurture holistic life skills, capacity building and personal development. The curriculum is developed and delivered by young Malay/Muslim professionals and undergraduates, many of whom evolve to become mentors and role models for members of YMC.


The programmes in YMC focus on the current life context of the students, and look ahead to the projected needs so that they can contribute positively to society. While YMC-ians take effort in growing and empowering themselves through participating in workshops and planning for events, they also engage in volunteering efforts from time to time. This keeps them aware of the presence of the less fortunate and compassionate towards their needs.


Recently, more YMC graduates have contributed back as members of the YMC subcommittee. This effectively helps to ensure a continual pool of committed volunteers connected to and familiar with what YMC stands for.