YMC Youth Leaders Community (YLC)

27 Jul 2019

M3 Tampines

YMC Youth Leaders Community (YLC) Team Bonding Day was held on 27 July 2019 at Tampines West Community Club.


Volunteers and partners of the YMC @ M3 Tampines got together for a fun and productive team bonding session. This session marked the formal inception of the YMC Youth Leaders Community (YLC), established to provide youth leaders with training, M3 resources and professional development. From ice breaker games to a friendly cooking competition, the programme allowed the participants to work and bond together as a team.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, the youth leaders raised concerns that were dear to them and shared their perspectives as they contributed to the final discussion which revolved around the work that needs to be done to move the community. The conversation also demonstrated how much more capable a team of individuals can become when they band together to serve the community by leveraging on each person’s strengths, experiences and resources.