Young Minds' Club

7 Apr & 13 Oct 2018

The Red Box & BBGB Sambawang Campsite

The YMC family also got together for a Mass Bonding Day on 7 Apr and 13 Oct for an action-packed day of fun and forging friendships.

On 7 Apr, YMC students took the challenge to trek 12km from MacRitchie Reservoir to Bukit Timah Nature Park with camp instructors from Innotrek Pte Ltd. The instructors also shared skills on survival, trekking, camping, and first aid during the trek. The students went through bonding activities during their breaks to improve their teamwork and communication skills.

On 13 Oct, YMC students had an amazing race followed by a competitive session of archery tag. All that friendly competition turned into a harmonious gathering as we welcomed the evening with a campfire, filling the night with song and dance. We hope the friendships forged and the fun served to be a great start to their enrichment journey in YMC and beyond!