Young Minds' Club

8 Sep 2018

ITE College East

Organising the biggest event of the year is a tall order. With only 10 weeks, 30 YMC members and alumni organised this year’s Orientation Day. The first two weeks saw the student organisers undergoing several workshops such as Time Management, Presentation Skill, Brainstorming and Ideating, Holding Productive Discussions and Coordinating between teams to enhance their soft skills. Seven weeks of planning followed suit to orchestrate the perfect welcome for the new members of the YMC family!

With the theme ‘Evolution of Games’, 8 September was a thrilling day for everyone. The fun-filled day saw a turnout of over 100 Secondary 1 Malay/Muslim students as they learned about the YMC programmes and got to know the fellow YMC family. Parents also had the chance to attend a panel session to prepare their child to be future-ready.

Nur Zalifah’s hard work and commitment did not go unrecognised as she was among 5 student organisers who was awarded the YMC Distinguished Contribution Award.

Through my journey in YMC, I have also learnt to develop strong teamwork and communication skills with YMC members as well as the adults. The programme has turned me into a more confident and resilient person who is also willing to contribute back to the community and take up more leadership positions.

Nur Zalifah

This year marked the first time the event opened its doors to Malay/Muslim students from all streams and madrasahs! Here’s what YMC’s Co-Lead and the orientation’s Project Leader Umar had to say about this change going forward:
Especially with the evolving economic landscape, we feel that all Malay/Muslim secondary school students can benefit from our wide range of free enrichment activities, such as coding workshops, Photoshop workshops and Values-In-Action activities. We see the YMC as a good opportunity to expose our Malay/Muslim students to other students of different backgrounds as well as volunteers and professionals to build their social capital.”

Project Leader Umar